Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Here We Go

My Grandma was an excellent cook. She was a humble Cajun lady that I didn't appreciate nearly enough when she was still here. But one of the things that I remember about her was the meals she would share. Whenever we would go to Grandma's she would feed us. Food was her love language. She would have "a little dab of this and a little dab of that." She always shared everything she had, and she never had much.

That's kind of what I'm thinking as I attempt to share some thoughts. It always seems random. You may ask yourself, "Where in the world did THAT come from???" In fact, I'm quite sure you will think that ALOT!!! Well...what I have to offer is just like Grandma, a dab of this and a dab of that. It isn't much, but I'll share what I've got. My prayer is that you leave with your belly full and feeling a little more loved than before you stopped by.


  1. I love Grandma stories, Cajuns (especially Cajun food), and a dab of this and that.......

  2. and did I mention I like Warren Barfield???