Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is This Love That We're Feelin'??

Remember that Whitesnake song?? That mega power ballad of 1988?? I see you, acting like you didn't love it...well I still wear my hair proudly coiffed like Tawny Kitaen's so I am stating boldly that I was a Whitesnake fan. I can also say definitively this is not the biggest mistake I made in the late 80's....But admit it girls, we all wished we could do cartwheels over the hood of a Jaguar, Yeah, I didn't either.

The point that is so slow in appearing is this notion of "love." I have a HUGE pet peeve. It seems strange to talk about starting a fight with someone over saying "I love you", but this is the truth about me...Is it just me??

How many times in church do you have a marginally familiar acquaintance strike up a conversation with you in the lobby, or demilitarized zone of your crazy cool church. You talk about this and that and realize it is time to move on to the next coffee induced exchange. You swoop in for the Christian side hug and they say, "love you"......WHAT do you do?? Do you leave them that girlfriend/boyfriend that is a little too anxious is barfing out the L word. You know in your heart that you don't actually LOVE just KNOW them from church.

Enter my pet peeve. You know what God said...that he so LOVED the world that he gave his only Son, John 3:16. You cannot be anywhere but under a rock in this country and not know what that verse is. THAT is love!!! Not, "hey, you go to my church. I love you." We throw that word around so much that it becomes MEANINGLESS!!! Love is a big deal. How many people have said that to me casually, with good intentions, that I don't even have their phone number to invite them over to dinner???

Love sacrifices, love endures, love hurts alongside you, love protects and love does a whole lot of other stuff too. All I want to say is be careful with such an important word. Love is a big deal not how we feel about a really tasty chili dog. Let's not cheapen the word by attaching it to things that are really meaningless.

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